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Happy Mango is a local business that wanted us to help expand its sales online to generate more revenue. Our mission was also to make their website seen on Google.

The client started with us on Google Ads, and expanded to Google Shopping and SEO with stunning results.

Campaign Breakdown


When we started working with Shop Happy Mango, we decided to implement a tiered shopping campaign structure split on SKU level. It helped us maintain greater cost control and more granular data on product performance.?

With the help of our SEO department, we selected the top 10 selling items to optimize product pages for and then pushed them in shopping ads. We have also implemented ecommerce tracking to keep an eye on the whole process.?

So far, we have optimized all of the most important pages on the site to get more organic traffic, and we have created dozens of ads with CTR up to 19% and ad Quality Score up to 10/10.

As for now, we continue consulting the client on topics concerning the website speed, plugins, conversion optimization, and other common issues. We’re happy that months of hard work brought very fruitful results to Shop Happy Mango.?

Key Results

After we took over the Ads management process, Happy Mango saw incredible results.

In just 6 months, we also helped Happy Mango double its ranking keywords and grow its organic traffic

These guys are simply amazing. The time and effort they put into my account and making sure everything works is worth every penny. They are very professional and I am on my 8th month of using them and i have no plans on stopping.

Happy Mango


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