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How To Set Up Your Facebook Ad Account

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Welcome to this quick tutorial on how to set up your Facebook Ad Account and connect it to your Business Manager! If you want to run ad campaigns for your Shopify Store, you will need to do this step before starting any ad campaigns.

Facebook is the world’s 3rd most visited website with over 2.41 billion monthly active users. This makes it an amazing place to advertise your products, which is why 92% of social marketers use Facebook for advertising. Due to its traffic and active users, Facebook is a powerful tool that can help target very precise demographics that fit brands perfectly. Its lookalike audiences are also a great way to find new customers that fit the same profile!

So Facebook ads are a fantastic way to connect with your fans, retarget site visitors, reach potential customers, and increase your sales. In this article, we’ll teach you how to create an ad account on Facebook.

How To Create An Ad Account On Facebook

Setting up your Facebook Ads Account is both easy and fast. Follow these simple steps to do it:


Step 1: Sign Into Business Manager

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 1

Go to the Facebook Business Manager and select the business where you want to create the ad account.

Step 2: Go To Business Settings

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 2

Click the Go To Business Settings button.

Step 3: Create an Ad Account

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 3

Under Ad Accounts, Click the +Add button and select Create a New Ad Account.

Step 4: Select Your Settings

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 4

Name your account & specify your timezone and billing currency and click Next.

Step 5: Select the Business?

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 5

Select the Business the Ad Account will be used for and click Create.


Step 6: Add People & Set Permissions

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 6

Add the rest of your team! Begin by adding yourself as the Admin and continue by selecting the people who will manage your campaigns, the permissions they will have within the ad account. Click Assign to confirm.


Step 7: Setup the Payment Method

Zima Media_Create Ad Account_Step 7

Inside the Business Manager Settings, Select Payments from the left-hand menu. Click Add Payment Method.

Add the credit card information and click Continue.?


And that’s it! You’ve created a new Facebook Ad Account and are ready to start running some ads. We’ll teach you all about understanding an ad campaign structure and building your Facebook ads in the next tutorials.


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Daniela González
Daniela González
Daniela is a marketing consultant at Zima Media. Feel free to ask her anything about SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, Design & Photography. When she's not busy writing enthralling content or creating marketing campaigns, you'll find her reading fantasy novels, traveling the world, trying new beers, and eating sushi.
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